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From Fashion to Politics Called Thoughtful, Detail-Rich by Hadassah Magazine

25 Aug

I am very excited to report that From Fashion to Politics: Hadassah and American Jewish Women in the Post World War II Era   received a positive review from Hadassah Magazine, which reaches a half million readers.  Among the highlights:

Hadassah Magazine‘s special centennial issue included a review of From Fashion to Politics.

  • “Brautbar is at her best in depicting Hadassah’s use of traditional gender roles to promote effective participation by women in the public sphere.”
  • “Brautbar devotes an especially detail-rich chapter to Hadassah’s use of consumerism for Zionist goals.”
  • “(Brautbar’s book) in no way resemble(s) the hagiographic portrayals organizations sometimescommission for their significant anniversaries. Nonetheless, Hadassah members can take pride in and learn a great deal about their organization’s achievements, both for American Jewish women and for Israel, from [this] thoughtful book.

Hadassah is tougher!

2 Jul

More Hadassah News– Chicago

NBC Chicago Street Team

JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Last week I had a chance to learn about an organization called Hadassah. Hadassah Chicago Chapter is a Jewish organization that started in 1913 and promotes Zionist ideals in the United States, Israel and throughout the world. What these women and men have been able to accomplish in the past 94 years, is nothing short of outstanding. From funding hospitals and colleges to being the leader in stem cell research, Hadassah is making a huge difference in the lives of so many.

Hadassah Chicago Chapter alone raises TWO MILLION each year to support their programs! The group continues to grow in the Chicago area with events like the one I went to recently at LUXBAR. The food was outstanding and Bridget Albert, the Master Mixologist, whipped up some delightful concoctions with some of my favorite new liquors, like Pama. Everyone was…

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Are you a Hadassah Lady?

2 Jul

An interesting post from a fellow blogger.

Walking Humbly. Seeking Justice. Living with Hope.

This year the Jewish organization of Hadassah turns 100!  It was founded by Henrietta Szold in 1912! And its work is dedicated to Israel, Jewish life in North America and Zionism.  It is the largest women’s organization and largest volunteer organization!

Hadassah does such great work. They support Israel in important ways.  Of course one of their centerpieces is the magnificent Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. This is an amazing hospital (I know as I have been a patient in that hospital!)  They treat everyone Jew and Arab and Christian.  Rich and poor.  It is a major trauma center and teaching hospital.  They do extraordinary research there.  Not to mention the fabulous and beautiful Chagall windows that grace the chapel there.

They support a vision of young Zionism and dedication to the land of Israel through their youth movement-Young Judea.  And they support Jewish summer camping and provide year…

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Hadassah is 100!

29 Jun

Hadassah turns 100 this year.  Here is a fascinating slideshow that shows the diversity of Hadassah women and their activism.

Hadassah Fashion Shows Still Going Strong

29 Jun

In my book, I discuss how Hadassah members used fashion shows in the 1950s to raise money and sometimes people’s consciousness. What is fascinating is that Hadassah women are still organizing fashion shows as this story about a chapter in Canada attests.



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