From Fashion to Politics Called Thoughtful, Detail-Rich by Hadassah Magazine

25 Aug

I am very excited to report that From Fashion to Politics: Hadassah and American Jewish Women in the Post World War II Era   received a positive review from Hadassah Magazine, which reaches a half million readers.  Among the highlights:

Hadassah Magazine‘s special centennial issue included a review of From Fashion to Politics.

  • “Brautbar is at her best in depicting Hadassah’s use of traditional gender roles to promote effective participation by women in the public sphere.”
  • “Brautbar devotes an especially detail-rich chapter to Hadassah’s use of consumerism for Zionist goals.”
  • “(Brautbar’s book) in no way resemble(s) the hagiographic portrayals organizations sometimescommission for their significant anniversaries. Nonetheless, Hadassah members can take pride in and learn a great deal about their organization’s achievements, both for American Jewish women and for Israel, from [this] thoughtful book.
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