Hadassah and Jewish American Women in the Post World War II Era

A New Book

Shirli Brautbar, From Fashion to Politics: Hadassah and Jewish American Women in the Post World War II Era

Hadassah: the Women’s Zionist organization of America, has wielded power in the halls of American political institutions and in the minds of many Jews in the United States. This book enriches our understanding of both modern Jewish history and American women’s history.  Hadassah is important not only for what it tells us about women but also for what it reveals about Jewish history and politics, about Zionism, and about America. In the post-World War II era, Hadassah played a significant role in shaping Jewish women’s political action and identity. Widely known for its work in Israel, Hadassah played a central role in shaping the way generations of American Jewish women thought about themselves and about their involvement on the American political scene.

“”Brautbar is at her best in depicting Hadassah’s use of traditional gender roles to promote effective participation by women in the public sphere. . .  Brautbar devotes an especially detail-rich chapter to Hadassah’s use of consumerism for Zionist goals. . . A thoughtful book. ”
Hadassah Magazine

Not only fashion and politics, but scholarship, gender, religion, discrimination – every hot button issue is examined in the story of the triumphant rise of Hadassah. A fascinating and important book.”
— Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and of History Channel biblical series fame

Available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.

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